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Introducing the Tiki Hat!

The Tiki Hat convertible scarf and sun hat provides protection with a removable and interchangeable UPF 50 scarf. Multiple functionality offers full coverage or off the face as a fashion accessory.

GET FUN DONE in the sun with this sun safe product.

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About The Tiki Hat

This game changing piece of clothing is not only super stylish, but extremely practical for those of you who spend any time outdoors. Watch the video to learn more about the Tiki Hat!

Welcome to Tiki Hut Livin

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Our Testimonials

"Fast and friendly service even to Canada! I LOVE my new protective eyewear that changes with the light and offers me the added advantage to clip in my prescription lenses. I wear them for all my sporting activities indoor and outdoors. Thanks to Cheryl Capobianco for finding the perfect fit for me. Highly recommended! "

Kelli McRobert

"Cheryl is an incredible business person and is doing amazing things for our community by inventing a hat that protects us from skin cancer, melanoma and even now corona. Please support Tiki Hut Livin' and a buy a hat today. The hat is extremely well made, it provides 2 scarves that come along with it and you owe it to yourself to visit their website today."

Blanca Irene Perper Greenstein

"Recently received my Tiki Hut Livin Pickleball shirt and I absolutely love it!! Cheryl is the best and I would recommend her products to anyone!! Timely and professional!! #TikiHutLivinPickleball"

Dominic PB Catalano