Tiki Hut Livin is thrilled to announce the release of its most innovative and stylish women’s accessory: The Tiki Hat. The first of its kind, this patent-pending apparel product is designed to protect your gorgeous skin from the harsh rays of the sun — and look fabulous in the process.

The Tiki Hat features two interchangeable, magnetically attached scarves with UPF 50+ fabric. You won’t have to worry about losing protection if it gets windy, thanks to the secure, magnet-strengthened hold between scarf and hat. Whether you’re wearing a lovely leopard print or a natural skin tone scarf, the Tiki Hat provides reliable coverage while still making a super-chic statement.

Our Mission

Tiki Hut Livin was founded with the mission of keeping outdoor-lovers safe from the skin problems that can come from sun exposure. Our high-quality and fashionable products, available for both men and women, include eyewear, sports accessories, active wear, beach supplies, and more.

Our Founder

Tiki Hut Livin was founded by Cheryl Capobianco in response to her own struggles with skin protection. A lover of fashion as well as “fun in the sun,” Cheryl hand picks all of her products to support a unique sense of style without compromising the protection of its wearer or user.

Currently, her Tiki Hat is patent-pending for its innovative and highly functional design, preserving the youthful appearance of skin while making an enviable fashion statement.